Move Past Habitual Mind Sets

In-House Training


We offer tailor-made learning & unlearning programmes.

Traditional training focuses on what makes a difference. We focus on how to make these changes. Our approach is a method of generative learning or ‘learning to learn’ which adds to continuous improvements. 




Our Move stream might include facilitating you & your team with how to:

*Set a new direction and let go of past habitual mind sets

*Move from conflict to synergy

*Manage change & uncertainty

*Promote happiness at work

*Innovate and stimulate creativity



Our Sing stream might include facilitating you & your team with how to:

*Create a workplace choir for well being, connecting and fun

We also design energising singing and music events!  See Events for more and Calendar for Free workshops



Our Rest stream might include facilitating you and your team with how to:

*Use music to calm your busy mind

*Improve your powers of concentration

*Make decisions with more clarity

*Reduce stress and anxiety

*Become a conscious leader

*Bring mindfulness to your business

Our Clients Say


"The benefits of these programmes are enduring and I would recommend Michelle to you to explore what she can help your company achieve.” 

Howard Hastings, MD, Hastings Hotels Group 

“Results have been excellent. You’ve really made a difference and made my job much easier – thank you.”  Ian McVea, Head of BritishTelecom Business Training

"Our teams gained a better understanding of their impact on others but also an awareness of others different levels of reaction to change. All the team benefited and have noticeably developed their communication skills and understanding of each other so you really made a difference."  

Julia Smyth, HM Consul & Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy Lithuania 

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 Our specialty is guiding you to think about your thinking when faced with new challenges.  

Research shows happiness & wellbeing at work can: 

Improve Productivity

Reduce Absenteeism 

Increase Employee Retention

Build Morale

Increase Profits

Yes we work with innovative approaches dedicated to producing real results.  

Contact Us and let's see if we're a fit.