Well Being With Music Events

Group Singing Is Transformative

The science is in!  Singing is really good for you and the most recent research suggests that group singing is the most exhilarating and transformative of all.

What has not been understood until recently is that singing in groups triggers the communal release of serotonin and oxytocin, the bonding hormone, and even synchronises our heart beats.

Not only does it support wellbeing, but singing can foster connection and solidarity within teams. No matter what the reason for gathering, singing can create a space where all voices combine together in a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere. 

Group singing is an effective way to learn how to work and get along together. It is a natural way to connect, communicate and co-operate with one another. It not only brings happiness but deeply uplifts people. 

We have been offering fun, energising and transformative Singing and Music workshops to Corporate teams and Organisations throughout the UK, Ireland and Canada since 1998.

We are passionate about sharing the enjoyable and the deeply powerful possibilities that group singing can create.  Contact us and we’ll design and deliver something specific for you.


"The value is in the experience but more importantly in the impact, clearer minds, stronger bonds, lovely sharing and most important fun!  By far the best team building I have ever experienced! Great for building bonds and breaking barriers, relieving tension and stress." Laura Feeney, NI Senior Programme Manager, Save the Children

Michelle delivers fun, unique and valuable workshops. Her approach encourages participants to explore their talents in a relaxed and accepting environment. Most of us learn best when we are having fun and that is the key element that makes Michelle's workshops so powerful!'

Tommi Hanley, Owner, Shop The Valley Events Management Company


“Michelle’s session with our staff was insightful, entertaining and engaging.  We learned about ourselves and our personal motivations in a non-threatening environment that ultimately created a better understanding of each other.  This was a terrific staff team building experience!” Janice Myers, Executive Director, Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

The Neuroscience of Singing

In the study, The Neuroscience of Music, published by the Department of Psychology at McGill University, Montreal, researchers found preliminary scientific evidence supporting claims that music and singing influences health through neurochemical changes in four domains: reward, motivation and pleasure; stress and arousal; immunity; and social affiliation. 

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