Well Being Coaching

Emotional Well Being and Resiliency

It’s no secret interpersonal conflicts are increasing, social skills are eroding with the high use of technology and stress is becoming an even bigger problem because of our inability to manage our emotional states.  Over the last 20 years Michelle Bailly has coached senior executives and individuals seeking solutions to these issues.

Michelle has a profound sense of observation, helping you to balance logical results with wisdom from the heart.

Common areas Michelle helps you with includes how to:

*Recognise the mindsets that are creating struggle for you

*Calm your busy mind

*Practise staying present and in the moment

*Make decisions with more clarity

*Reduce stress and anxiety

Here's what others say:


"Michelle is deeply insightful, motivating, sometimes startlingly honest, yet always gentle in her approach to help you achieve your goal. Her creativity makes this fun and belies the depth of her work. Try it... you'll be surprised at the difference working with Michelle makes to you and how you live and work." Finola Howard, Founder of How Great Marketing Works


"Michelle has been truly inspirational to me, exploring why I think and act the way I do.  I now realise I CAN be the best I can be ! Thank you for the clarity and guidance. I am deeply grateful. Donna Grimshaw - Speedibake


"It's really good to talk to someone who is passionate in what they do.  You have the gift of connecting with people".  Davy R, Ulster Bank

Happiness Fuels Success

Most people think if they become successful, then they'll be happy. But recent discoveries in psychology and neuroscience show that this formula is backward: happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we're positive, our brains are more motivated, engaged, creative, energetic, resilient, and productive.

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