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Happiness Is Serious Business


Our Purpose

There's a new business culture emerging.  Most of our working day is spent in chaos.  But underneath that we all have a deeper craving for quiet, connection, calm.

We call that presence.  It is our natural way of being but it is often eclipsed by all the surface distractions.

We help leaders and teams to feel good in work and life by reconnecting to this presence.  It is the root of happiness, influence, success.


Who Benefits?

Over the last 25 years we have worked with senior executives and teams in blue chip and public sector organisations committed to workplace wellness.  We use various disciplines that require both logical and intuitive sense.  We engage mind, body and spirit always respecting the whole person.

Our style is experiential, highly effective and based on strong relationships.  Our clients include BT, Trinity College Dublin, Arts & Business, Guinness , NI Civil Service, First Trust Bank, New CMI, British Consulate Lithuania, Save the Children and Hastings Hotels


How We Work With You

You could say we are an 'unlearning' company.  We help you to move past habitual mind sets and behaviors that no longer work.  Our specialty is guiding you to 'think about your thinking' when faced with new challenges

We incorporate some of the most effective tools for developing people today - Creative Solution Finding, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional & Social Intelligence, Mindfulness and methods from the Expressive Arts particularly Music, Singing and Theatre.

We are passionate about sharing our proven methods in helping you to develop organisations that are healthy, happy and productive.

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